“Here at SaviorCity.com we take personal privacy very seriously. As a general rule SaviorCity.com does not collect your personal information unless you chose to provide that information to us. When you choose to provide us with your personal information, you are giving SaviorCity.com your permission to use that information for the stated purposes listed in this privacy policy. If you choose not to provide us with that information, it might limit the features and services that you can use on this website.
Generally, the information requested by SaviorCity.com will be used to provide a website feature or service to you, such as commenting, support, or providing future content better tailored to your interests. A description of SaviorCity.com’s intended use of that information, how that information is collected, security measures SaviorCity.com takes to protect that information, and how to grant or revoke consent for collection and use of that information will be fully described the ‘Privacy Notice’ section of this privacy policy.”

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