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Feng Shui Decor Home

What is Feng-shui?

The word "feng shui" comes from the Chinese language, also known as Chinese.  Germany is made up of beliefs, statements or practices that are supposedly scientific and factual, but incompatible with the scientific method, which determines the use of energy to overcome negativity.

When we translate into English, it's called “wind-water”.  Feng Shui has been widely used to orient buildings in history;  it is also used for structures of spiritual importance such as tombs, dwellings and other structures.
The main objective of Feng Shui is to practice the modern world in order to place the human-made environment in places with a good imaginary form of "energy".  An "ideal place" is an axin and a place in time.

It is not a science and is classified as pseudoscience, which demonstrates a number of classic pseudo-scientific aspects, such as the statement about the functioning of the world, which cannot be verified using the scientific method.
So, it depends on the belief of people whether they believe it or not, but, in my opinion, it makes your house beautiful, attractive.  If your home seems free, the best option is a feng shui product.  on the market and some online, we buy feng sui in decoration, there is no comparison.

Why Feng-shui?

what is feng shui and what is its purpose.  Feng Shui is a collection of theories and observations on how living things are affected by the environment.  There are also theories and applications on how to manipulate the environment to better match living things and help them live optimally.

 Feng Shui explores the obvious and non-obvious influences of our environment, and these influences can be classified as various manifestations of "qi" or qi (life force energy).  We are affected by our immediate physical environment and the interior, as well as by the appearance of the environment, both natural and artificial.
Many aspects of feng shui are common sense and good design.  But there are many other components of predictive art that require training and experience to really understand.  Feng Shui is part of a metaphysical orientation to life, and there are many things that cannot be explained in mundane terms.

Benefits of Feng-shui.

Applying and correcting Feng Shui in malfunctioning environments can help people solve or improve health problems, increase creativity and financial success, improve all kinds of relationships, and prevent the remaining measures used in Feng Shui.  appreciate the space.

Is this work Scientifically & Naturally?

The scientific basis of Feng Shui:
Having defined “scientific,” I would suggest two ways to solve this problem.  One will look at it from the humanities, the other from the natural sciences.

From a philological point of view, these would be ancient texts.  And believe me, there are many ancient feng shui texts.  So yes, there is a scientific basis.

Natural sciences:
From the point of view of natural science, it can be argued that many of the basic principles of Feng Shui are applied in urban planning, old buildings and garden design.  Some of the principles are also mentioned in the theory of architecture or environmental psychology.  So yes, there is the scientific basis of feng shui.
Of course, many cultural “traditions” are intertwined in Feng Shui, such as worship of Confucian ancestors or a Taoist metaphysical discovery (“superstition”).
 But in essence: yes, it can be argued that in Feng Shui there is a rationale.
 So, this part of the "mind", of course, works.

Which Feng-shui should you buy?

You can buy Feng Shui items as per your needs or requirements.
Water Fountain : Place them in North
Wind Chime : 6 Rod Metallic Wind Chime in North
Money Frog : Place it coming inside the house
Wealth Tree : Place wealth Tree in South East

Pagoda Tower in North East

Globe in North East

Better Relations
Double Happiness Symbol : South West or Love & Family Area
Image of Couple : South West or Love & Family Area


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