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4 anti-inflammatory juices for daily intake

Anti-inflammatory juice recipe

What is an anti-inflammatory diet?

An anti-inflammatory diet is a diet designed to prevent or reduce chronic inflammation, a major risk factor for health problems and some serious illnesses.  A typical anti-inflammatory diet emphasizes fruits, vegetables, low-fat proteins, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats.

What are the main inflammatory foods?

Omega 6s are rich in fatty acids (linoleic acid is common), as already mentioned, will promote inflammation.  Omega acid is anti-inflammatory, that's why fish are considered very healthy: O6-O3 is weak (more omega-3), and as such, inflammation is considered wet  .

Speaking of special diets, omega 6 fatty acids are usually found in mammals;  Therefore, drink red meat, eggs, all liver (where the fat is stored, to some extent), and even high-level fish (i.e. fish that eat little fish)  .

But it is common knowledge.  Here are a few that are generally overlooked:
  • Milk (lactose intolerance is quite common and invalidates the inflammatory response).
  • Cereals (some cereal gluten invalidates Crohn's disease due to Crohn's disease)
  • Sugar (as a side or third effect - sugar is stored and excess glucose stores are known to release cytokines from fatty tissue, which promote inflammation).
  • Alcohol (ethyl alcohol - the kind we drink - irritates the esophagus, stomach and other parts of the digestive tract. Again, this disables the immune response).

What are the anti-inflammatory foods?

Here are some foods that are anti-inflammatory:

  •  Extra virgin olive oil

According to expert sources, it has been claimed that two tablespoons of olive oil a day will keep your doctor away from the clitoris.
Olive oil is high in fat that has a positive effect on your cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of stroke.

Its antioxidant levels reduce the amount of stress in your body.  Olive oil works well as part of your digestive process because it is light and helps the digestive process move faster by protecting your stomach against the stomach and preventing gastritis problems.

Olive oil is an exception to the list of antigens for fat burning and also has the most outstanding benefits of the skin.  Olive oil is the best moisturizer that your skin and hair can get.  It stimulates hair growth and gives your skin a perfect complexion.

  •  Walnuts

Avoiding junk food and switching to a diet can drive you crazy.  But try switching to nuts as it will give you all the benefits that double cheese podo pizza does not offer.  ,

Almonds walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios are rich in saturated fat, vitamin E, fiber and omega-3 acids that improve the life of your heart.  And let's not forget that almonds have been our best friends since childhood tests. 

Betraying them right now will not do your body any good.  Almonds provide your body with the nutrients it needs to get a certain amount of fat.

It contains antioxidants that protect your cells from cholesterol damage.  Almonds help lose weight, and their anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and help the body stay longer.

  •  Turmeric

Turmeric has been one of the oldest blessings for humanity, its medicinal, health and taste benefits are not enough.  

Turmeric is one of the oldest antioxidants and spices in the country, one of the best anti-inflammatory foods that should be included in the daily diet. 

Turmeric's benefits are not only limited to its medicinal and healing properties, but have also become a beauty mask and an element of the primary diet.  

An ingredient in turmeric, known as curcumin, is known to reduce inflammation in the body.  Turmeric can be applied directly to the wound to reduce inflammation and the spread of microorganisms. 

A little turmeric is added to each Indian diet to keep the diet intact and balanced.  Cozy milk can also be consumed with turmeric to relieve colds and coughs, severe headache or steam can also be added to steam for colds. 

Turmeric is known for its cleansing properties, and therefore the skin is applied in small amounts to make the skin less and less clear.

  •  Barry

Let's switch to the vibrant and juicy berries from the greens and get some color here.  According to experts, add a whole bowl of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blueberries, blueberries, or blackberries;  

Freezing or normalizing your diet will dramatically improve your health.  Provides the largest source of antioxidants in berries.

Its juices ease the proinflammatory process of blossoming fruits and provide a touch of freshness to neurons and are a rich source of stress destroyers.

Goji Barry is known to improve sexual vitality, happiness, and overall physical strength.  

In addition to its benefits, its juice is dangerous to repair damaged cells and skin.  Eating all the juicy fruit every day will make your skin glow.

Recipes for Anti-inflammatory Juices:

1. Made By Pineapple

Made from pineapple, this delicious drink is perfect for those who suffer from inflammatory problems.  To make a mixture of "tropical spices", you will need:

2 fresh cucumbers 
1 pineapple 
15 pieces (about 3 inches each) 
1 teaspoon cinnamon

 The pineapple is full of bromelain - a compound that has shown promise in helping digestion and fighting back pain, allergies and asthma.  Bromelain is excellent for reducing pain and inflammation, and turmeric is also known to be anti-inflammatory due to its high curcumin content.  The amount of cinnamon in this juice helps add a "spice" touch while controlling your blood sugar and reducing your appetite - perfect for those looking for juicy weight loss recipes.

2. Made By Apple

An apple a day is best for your health, and this delicious juice blend will also help fight inflammation.  You will need to:

Half Funnel
2 apples 
1 cucumber 
1 mint half lemon 
1 round spinach

The funnel has been used for years as a way to treat a number of aluminum infections, digestive problems, disorders, and arthritis.  Fresh mint also helps to have a calming effect on the mix.

 Although you can easily use green apples with this recipe, red apples may be a better option, as they contain powerful antioxidant ingredients in your skin that can act as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Research has found that people who eat two to five apples a week are 32% less likely to have asthma.

3. Made by Grapes

Sweet and nutritious, this green juice is useful in inflammatory processes.  To make this drink, you will need:

 1 lemon slice 
1 cup ginger 
1 cup grapes 
1 cup kale

This is not only an excellent source of thymine, protein, folate, riboflavin, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, but also an excellent source of vitamins A, K, C and B6!  All these vitamins have a huge anti-inflammatory effect.  At the same time, ginger is a delicious way to relieve pain, and lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is especially effective in combating unnecessary inflammation.

4. Made by BlueBerry

When it comes to antioxidants, blueberries are probably the strongest berries.  Tests conducted by the USDA Human Nutrition Center rank blueberries as the best solution for antioxidant activity by comparing 40 different solutions of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In particular, its rich anthocyanin content helps reduce inflammation and offers a number of additional health benefits.  To create a Blueberry Blast you will need:

2 cups spinach leaves
2 cup apples
2 cups blueberries

  This blueberry mix can also be a great drink before exercise, as it helps reduce inflammation and gives a lot of .jar.


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