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9 home indoor hanging plants to take at home

Hanging plants for home indoor decor

Indoor plants are interior designers who are going to liven up the faded room and bring in some outdoor spaces. It goes on effortlessly so that untrained decor can appear like an expert designer (as the French will say) with only a few plants in good repair.

But despite all of its charm and the fact that it helps make the air cleaner, plants do have a limitation: space.

With this understanding, this is when you simply have to lift your neck and think of all that empty space under the ceilings that are overflowing with design possibilities.

Today, it is becoming more and more common to hang your houseplants, even if the roofs are still bare. Okay, I agree?

But not all plants are created equal. Some plants shake off the hanging appearance, others are not much. It's about balance and knowing which plant hangs in any room and what hanging planting style.

So before you go and just put your hanging plants on any old side table in any old room, consider all the great ways to hang your plants and display them in different rooms.

Types of Hanging Plant per Room

RoomSuggested Types of Hanging Plant
Living RoomExpressive, long vines, colorful
BathroomTropical (low light / low water plants)
KitchenTropical, small & cute, practical (e.g. herbs)
Dining RoomGreenery, expressive
BedroomGreenery, small, minimalistic
But before choosing a place for a suspended plant, it is important to consider the amount of light the chosen plant needs: bright, medium or low light.

Brightly colored foliage plants need more light than other plants. "Because light is more intense in summer than in winter, you may have to move plants sensitive to sunlight in hot months."

Since some hanging plants require more water than others, also consider how easy they are to reach. Keep a small ladder close at hand, or use a stationary side table to stand when watering hard-to-reach plants, and only consider choosing plants that require watering once a month.

To make her pots hold water longer, Claire Nowak also directs "to place a damp sponge on the bottom of the pot before filling it with soil." Then he explains that "it will act as a water reservoir and can help prevent a jet if it accidentally occurs on the water." Now, this is helpful advice!

But this is for general advice now, I really wanted to share some of these hanging plants with you.

They are all fairly low maintenance, which means that you don't have to make much effort to keep them close. Sounds great, doesn't it? So take a look at them and let me know what you think!

A quick note: It may seem obvious not to eat these plants, but just make sure to keep them out of reach of small children (who are able to put things in their mouths) and exotic pets. Some of these suspended plants can be toxic if consumed.

Ways to display hanging plants

  • Hanging from an old-fashioned hanging basket
  • Hanging by a ceiling rope hanger
  • Inside terrariums
  • Suctioned onto your windows
  • Vertical wall hangers
  • Sucked on your windows
  • Stuck in your fridge with a magnetic seeder
  • Hanging upside down with an inverted planter

1. String of Pearls

Catholic plant Because it's a bit like a rosary, the pearl chain looks so amazing. In fact, it could be my favorite in this group. It is definitely unique and striking.

Very easy to care for, just requires you to leave it in bright indirect light and maintain soil moisture.

The best ways to hang: a ceiling rope hanger, a conventional basket.

Perfect rooms: dining room, kitchen, even living room.

String of Pearls

The pearl necklace can also appear suspended on surfaces in small pots and jugs.

2. Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern definitely has a unique and cool look. The stems that rise and hang from the ground are a brilliant way to make your living room or dining room beautiful and airy.

To do this, just highlight it indirectly and give it a lot of water (but no supersaturation).

Asparagus Fern

Best ways to hang: traditional basket, terrarium.

Perfect rooms: living room, dining room, same bedroom.

3. Heartleaf Philodendron

Whether you put it on your bed or in the living room, your place will certainly look like one of these trendy rooms on Pinterest.

Even better, it is very easy to maintain, because in the wild it grows under trees, which makes its transition to a closed room quite natural. In my opinion, the perfect place for this plant is the bathroom!
Heartleaf Philodendron

Best ways to hang: a traditional basket, ceiling hangers, supports for landings.

Perfect rooms: bathroom, bedroom, living room.

4. Pothos / Devil’s Ivy / Money Plant

It is sometimes called "devil's ivy" because it is almost impossible to kill it. This trendy and easy-to-manage plant can go anywhere in the house.

Pothos leaves can grow very long, making it an excellent hanging plant, and the leaves can sometimes have multiple colors, making it an excellent feature for the living room.
Pothos / Devil’s Ivy / Money Plant
Best ways to hang: traditional basket, ceiling hangers, vertical wall hangers.

Perfect rooms: living room, dining room.

5. Boston Fern

If your house is damp, you will love this incredible hanging plant, as it is ideal for air purification. Bright green in color, it is sure to decorate any room in the house.

This plant simply needs to be put in the living room!
Boston Fern
Best ways to hang: traditional basket, rope support on the ceiling.

Perfect Bedroom: living room.

6. Spider Plant

As a toxin filtering facility, you can keep the air in your home and/or family clean with a hanging spider that looks great in a hanging basket.

An excellent plant, if you can be a rather disdainful owner, is what makes this fast-growing plant so popular.

Since it does not like too much or too little humidity and likes moderate indirect light, I recommend placing it in your kitchen or living room (to maximize the benefits of clean air).

Spider Plant
Best ways to hang: traditional basket, rope support on the ceiling.

Perfect rooms: kitchen, living room.

7. English Ivy

Now English ivy is one of the cleanest indoor hanging plants you can have. It is an amazing plant that looks incredibly hung and thrives in cool temperatures with moist soil.

It needs bright light and prefers to be a little drier, so the living room or dining room is a great place to do it.

English Ivy
The best ways to hang: a traditional basket, tall in a pot.

Perfect rooms: living room, dining room.

8. Chinese Money Plant

This small universal plant, one of the most fashionable plants with coin-shaped leaves, does not require special care and should only be watered once a week.

In a word, he prefers to avoid direct sunlight.

What is very cool is that you can transplant the shoots of this plant, which are formed on the basis of its stems!

Chinese Money Plant
The best ways to hang: ceiling hangers, vertical wall hangers.

Perfect rooms: bedroom, living room, even bathroom

9. Fish Hook

Fish Hook
I really love this hanging plant for its unique appearance. Instead of having large, full leaves, it almost looks like hooks. Certainly discover how New Darlings presents this incredible plant.

“Hooks like living in bright places, like near a south or west window,” recommends Nell of Joy Us Garden. "Be sure to keep it away from hot glass or prolonged exposure to the hot summer sun, as it will burn."

The best ways to hang: vertical hangers, pots, traditional baskets.
Perfect Bedroom: living room.

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