Thursday, 13 February 2020

Wooden kapoor dani an eco friendly alternative classic kapoor dani.

Wooden Kapoor Dani
Brief description and advantages

Overview & Purpose

Wooden kapoor dani is invented as a new product across all over indian market by so many local manufacturers.
Its main purpose for invention is we believe, to prevent users from getting electric shock as well as outer looks.
So for this time let's believe that the upper discussed purpose is enough to buy and use wooden kapoor dani for home or office use.

Product Standards

  1. It is made from wood and inside a metal which is equipped with a small low wattage heater.
  2. Also now selling as a classic gift article. We guess users are buying due to its finishing over all surface that makes looks very classic.
  3. A low wattage heater inside it makes a low consumption electric device so that anyone​ can afford it.


  1. To make it available all over the world because it's not just an electric device, its benefits are so many.
  2. Wooden kapoor dani is lighter in weight so that anyone can carry anywhere as it is portable.
  3. An eco-friendly product that is acceptable to all over the world.

Materials used

  1. Wooden cup and metal cup inside fixed
  2. Electrical two pin plug socket design for handy.

Market survey

What market says about this new product
  1. Right now this product is selling as per assumption due to eco friendly makeover.
  2. We found over 50% of people from age 30 to 60 are interested in this product due to classic design.
  3. Due to the medical benefits of kapoor it is a well acceptable product.

Market wholeseller

Where to find a genuine seller?
There are so many resellers in the market, we urge customers not to buy this product from anywhere.
As this product is dependent on quality we ask you a question, how much do you satisfied with your purchased kapoor dani?
If your answer is not satisfactory much then we are providing you with contact information of one of the major manufacturers of this product named as “XCELLENT ENTERPRISE” situated at Ahmedabad Gujarat.
If you want contact information, write them on xc.esystems@gmail.com

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