Mistakes that woman make in showers that can affect your health

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Mistakes that woman make in showers that can affect your health

It is believed that the average person spends in the shower 1.5 years, standing in the shower. Longer shower sessions give us time for ourselves. Rubbed for half a year - continues to show how important it is for us to keep clean. It looks like a separate place for a shower. Even then, there are certain things in the soul that most of us tend to ignore.

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you take a shower to get the most out of it:

  • Shower after training

When we train, we get sweating due to the presence of microbes on our skin. These germs should be cleansed of the skin to avoid skin allergies and rashes. Therefore, take a shower as soon as possible after training.

  • Do not take pedicures after shaving

We often tend to shave our legs first and then do pedicures. This practice can cause slight scratches on our feet in order to get sick.

  • Take a contrast shower

As soon as you are almost finished taking a shower, complete the session by fully opening the shower. Soul pressure will even out your body pressure and help strengthen your skeleton. However, taking a shower before bed can sometimes be less favorable for our sleep cycles.

  • Bathing every day

Daily showering and hair washing can lead to dry skin and thinning of hair. To avoid peeling of the skin and scalp, try not to rub yourself every day.

  • Do not wrap a towel in your hair

Wet hair is particularly prone to brittleness and loss. Trapped moisture makes hair much less clean and fresh.

  • Clean your shower regularly

A shower head is something that we almost never clean. Wipe the lamellar layer of the showerhead to enjoy a healthy and sanitized shower.

  • Keep the soap dish dry

Keep the soapbox in a dry place so that it does not become the host of germs and other bacteria. Keeping the soapbox in the wet state melts the soap cake and does not allow dirty water to drain.

  • Do not leave the razor in the shower

If you are using a shaver in the bathroom, be sure to remove it before leaving. Moisture can make the blades unusable.

  • Change / clean your towel regularly

Be sure to regularly change or clean your towel to prevent bacteria from growing on it. Ventilate the towel daily and do not leave it damp.

  • Clean the bath

Every time you take a shower, be sure to rinse the bath immediately after use. This will help keep it clean for later use - whether for someone or even for yourself. In addition, he stops the formation of E. Sending to the bathroom.

  • Do not leave your sponge wet

Be sure to place the sponge in a clean, dry place after using it in the shower. Otherwise, a wet net can be the host of thriving germs.

  • Wash your feet thoroughly.

Most people tend to reject brushing their feet as much as they think about brushing their bodies. But improper washing can cause nail growth.

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