Maintain health while having busy schedule in simple way

Saturday, 22 February 2020

Maintain health while having busy schedule in simple way

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in itself can be difficult, so there is no doubt that staying healthy is even more difficult when working full time. For those of us who were lucky * to work 9-5, it can be difficult to get to the gymnasium after rush hour on the way home; or try making a healthy dinner after a long, slow day.

But it should not be so.

If we cancel the development of our current methods of putting off “useful things” until the end of the work; and instead, include it on our workday — staying healthy maybe a little more affordable than you think. A few small habits are important and can lead not only to “getting in shape,” but also to create a healthy lifestyle that keeps you in balance.


Rule number 1 for all my corporate colleagues: Pack. Your. Dinner.

You have heard this before, and I will be happy to repeat it: the easiest way to stay healthy by working full time is to bring your nutritious breakfast. Let's look at some of the pros and cons of bringing your lunch to work:


Pack the healthy food you want according to your preference
Eat healthy, well-divided foods
Save money ... a lot of money.
In other words: win-win.


In any case, you cannot go to dinner with this colleague, which you do not really like.

However, people often struggle to find time to cook dinner. After a long working day, no, you don’t want to go home and rummage around in a tarp bowl to cook dinner the next day. Then no. Leave the bulk of the work (so-called lunch packaging) full time: Sunday.

How to: set aside a few hours on Sunday (and/or Wednesday) to prepare several dinners and prepare your workweek. Or, as I like to call it: get depressed with my #mealprepsundays.

This not only allows you to eat during the week but also saves a lot of time, instead of doing this all night after night during the workweek.

  • Take a bottle of water with you

We should all consume at least 8 cups of fluid per day. Now, since I'm sure we all have a little “heat”, why not drop a few more cups? It’s important for us to stay hydrated even when we sit at our desks all day.

How: Beware of mobile phones, we have an important new thing that we take with us everywhere: our water bottles. Wherever we go, our bottle of water also comes. This includes meetings, coffee breaks, subway rides - literally everywhere. Gradually, you will get used to drinking during the day and refuel, and you will begin to see that over time you drink more and more water. Do you want it to be interesting? Get ready for the test. Tell yourself that you will drink X bottles of water until 5 pm and follow them. This will keep you motivated and inspired, but above all, hydrated.

Now that you have consumed all this fluid, get ready. In the ladies' room, you will perform several tasks more than you expect, so do not forget to set aside time for buffering while running from meeting to meeting. 😉


Calling all passengers! This one is for you. It can be difficult to include a workout on your day, especially if you have more than 45 minutes of daily office travel. But for those of you who don’t have long trips, it can still be difficult for you to find the perfect combination of high energy and training time. Switch or not, we have what you need.

How: Find the best time to workout and stick to it. Below are some of the best ways to break into your very busy day:

(1) First thing in the morning. We talk before breakfast, before work, and above all! In the morning, go to the gym and pull it out. Now, if you already have problems waking up in the morning, this will teach you. If you have a long way to go, this is probably not for you (see Numbers 2 or 3)

(2) During lunch. If you're lucky enough to have a gym next to the table, take a break for lunch and start sweating. This is an easy way to make sure you are in the gym, as it will also pull you out of the office a bit. Too much work and you can’t leave the office? We have several other options that will work for you.

(3) Immediately after work. No, this does not mean coming home, having lunch, resting, and then, if you want to go there. We speak directly from the office to the gymnasium. Pack your bag (with a few extra snacks) and bring it with you. Make it a part of your routine. For those of you who drive to work while driving and often get stuck in traffic during rush hours, this is the perfect way to start your workout while avoiding the rush. Join the gym next to your desk and go right after your workday. As soon as you finish your workout, you will overcome the rush hour movement and you will go home without wasting time or a completed workout!

(4) sweating at home. Now for this: proceed with caution. Today, there are many tutorials that show how to get a good workout without leaving your own home. Of course, working from home gives you more flexibility in terms of time. The only problem with this is that sometimes the house maybe a little too comfortable, which brings you back to where you started. It’s easy to miss a workout here and there when there is no routine outside the home associated with it. I would advise you to have a good pace and training regimen before you sign up only for "home" training.


Now you have prepared the dinners, filled the water bottle and the gym bag for tomorrow's workouts. But there is one more thing that you need to maintain this healthy lifestyle, working full time, and this is a state of mind.

Your mental health is important. During the working day, it is important that you pay attention to how you feel and how you feel, and that you set your priorities. Remember that work is work, and your health always goes beyond any deadlines or excellent results that you have. If you go beyond your limits, you will exhaust yourself accordingly. Stress, fatigue, and anxiety are all signs that you may need a break. Take care of yourself, be aware and listen to your body, because there is nothing more important than your well-being.

Remember: caring for your mind is as important as caring for your body - one cannot be healthy without the other.

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