Sunday, 1 September 2019

Doctors recommended tips how to maintain beauty in monsoon

Maintain beauty in the monsoon...

In the monsoon, air is humid. When this mixture appears in the hair, hair problems such as chicken, oily and dandruff begin. So how to maintain beauty in monsoon?

However, the solution to all these problems is what specialist doctors should say when giving guidance of how to
 maintain beauty in monsoon.

Experts tips about hair beauty for monsoon.

  • Use as few hair products as possible this season. Use mild shampoo and conditioner, Avoid using hair spray.

  • When using a conditioner, apply it on the hairpin, not on the hair or skin of the head.

  • Wash your hair regularly and keep it clean.

  • Eat a protein-rich diet Eat fruits and vegetables, and avoid dieting and highlighting.

What are the other factors?

  1. Avoid rain soaking in rainwater, especially in those who have pollution factor especially in early rains. Pollutant elements make the hair pale and rough.
  2. Many people do not know about their own hair type they do not know how to identify the hair type. Get to know your hair type as shown below and take care of your hair accordingly.
  3. Use a special shampoo that is found in the market for hair that can be called dry after it has been washed for six to seven days. Avoid using a hairdryer after washing the hair once or twice a week.

  4. If your washed hair gets greasy within a day or two, know that your hair is oily. Use a mild shampoo conditioner to wash oily hair or wash the hair with two tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice. Squeeze the vinegar or lemon juice into the head lightly.
  5. It can be said that the hair which is normal for three to four days after it has been washed is normal. Clean and rinse with normal which is mild shampoo and conditioner. Follow the rules to keep hair healthy. And wash with conditioner and keep it clean. Follow the rules to keep the hair healthy.


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