How do you deal with failure in love? | love failure...

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

How do you deal with failure in love? | love failure...

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How do you deal with failure in love?

Failure to love is a very heartbreaking thing, to love someone wholeheartedly, even if the person loves me or not, looks beautiful on the outside, but when it does not get proper response, it can prove very painful. 

The person in the opposite has any reason to say no. But the world of the listener gets overwhelmed and the affected person tries too hard to get out of frustration as soon as possible.

If a little thought is given then it is possible to get out of this situation. Understand that you have no control over the character of your love. But it is possible for you to control your reaction after listening. How to bring this control?

Know your feelings
We reject it, hide it from ourselves, because reality is tragic, it is not right to do so. Because suppressed emotions raise their head at any time. And when he comes out again, he is thrilled. Instead, comfort yourself that slowly everything will be alright. We can also say goodbye to the way we let emotions come to us.

Treat yourself sympathetically
Someone is not in love with you, especially the person you love. That shocks your confidence. You think you are not worth it. This kind of negative emotion destroys your happiness and enthusiasm. Look at yourself as a friend in this situation and give her every position you need to get out of the grief.

Talk to a trusted person
When we are trying to understand our senses, it is important to see the reality of the situation. Talk to your therapist for that, which will give you a real glimpse of all the steps. By listening to it you will be able to accept this position. If something goes wrong, you stop seeing what is not your fault, etc. If you understand things, you will soon be out of frustration.

Avoid asking for answers
Don't hesitate to ask that person's answer for rejection. Doing so will only make the situation worse. If someone does not want you, they cannot be explained to the person. You may think that person is best for you, but in reality it is not. Understand that there are other people in the world that you like, like.

Move on in life
Getting rid of trouble doesn't provide a solution. Join in a good activity to get out of the frustration caused by the rejection. Focus on your career, now is the best time to start doing the work you need to do. Being busy will allow you to quickly forget your failures. If you are in a controlled condition, your wound will soon begin to heal. Your confidence and self-esteem will come back.

Don't take it to heart
Do not doubt your ability or worthiness just because someone has rejected your love. It can be difficult for that person to even accept that. We do not even know the circumstances or the choice. There could be any other reason behind his rejection

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