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How to use oil diffuser | How to use an oil burner? A brief Guide

How to use oil diffuser | How to use an oil burner | Oil burner | Oil diffuser | Burning Candle | Aroma burner

How to use an oil burner? | Oil burner/diffuser

  • What is Oil burner? How it works? 
Now a days an oil burner is widely used product in urban areas. It's just because oil burner/diffuser uses some fragrance materials/ drops having nice feeling fragrance. It's most use is in office, home, hotels and religious areas, etc. You have seen so much types of oil burners available in market. Now a days there are so many varieties available in market to go with your favourite one. For starting using oil burner/ diffuser you must have one burner device at least. Oil burners are so many types for ex. Electric burner or classical burner. So this was some introduction about oil burner.
You must Light up your room with wonderful fragrance with this essential oil diffuser. Enjoy the embrace and care of nature by simply putting a spoon of water & 2 - 5 drops of the oil or a piece of aromatherapy wax into the warmer and light a tea light candle below.

  • How to burn?
          Simple to use Poured about 2/3 water into the bowl and then 5 - 8 drops of the oil into the bowl. Put the candle into the candle holder and light the candle below. The tea light warms up the essential oils in stone saucer to diffuse aromas and fragrance. Last time for burning Tea lights usually burn out in 2 hours. Full Oil/water mixture may run out in 2 hours. Keeps your body and mind relax Pleasant aroma and relaxing light revitalizes body and mind. Create a refreshing atmosphere for your family, partner and guests.

         Oil burner heats up fragrance drops placed into the burner area by burning candle below the burner area. The fragrance smell comes out slowly slowly and makes air fresh.

After reading upto this, no one can wait to know how it burns and how it works. So let's see how it works.

Oil burner can burn following types of oils...
  • Materials used by oil burner
  1. Aroma
  2. Essential oils
  3. Scented oils
  4. Fragrance oils
  5. Natural oils
  6. Traditional oils

  • Market selling oil burner types
    1. Standard classic Ceramic Oil Burners
    2. Stylish Designed Casual oil burners
    3. Electric oil burners/ diffusers
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