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Save water, time & environment with water level controller...

Water Level Controller
June 2012.

Product Overview

Water level controller product is new generation most popular and used product due to it's strong working and need of use profile. As a customer, why you should buy this product? The answer is the name of the product itself. Product features, working, installations and benifits/applications are described below,


  • Very easy of installations.
  • Saves water, time and environment.
  • Classic working logic.
  • Works upto 2 h.p. pump capacity.
  • Install with starter or without starter.
  • Manual and Auto mode operation.
  • Manual Start and Stop buttons.
  • Water level led indications.
  • Two colour led for low and high level.
  • Precise accuracy of logic program.


User should not worry about installing the product as it is so easy to install. Let's see how it can be installed.
  • First you should drill in wall with marking of product mounting holes.
  • Install it in the side of starter of pump if available.
  • Take power wire of size 2.5 sq. mm size for power wiring and give phase, neutral input to controller (LLC).
  • Take phase Neutral output from controller and give input in motor starter phase neutral.
  • Now for sensor installation, take 0.25 to 0.5 three core wire and make wiring of installed sensors with particular level indicated sensor connector.
  • If you want to control overhead tank with bypass of underground tank, connect / series the common, underground high and underground low sensors.
  • Congratulations, your water level controller installation is now completed successfully.


Working logic conditional program is as per below,
  • When no indication led is showing, it means you don't have water present in both tanks.
  • When your underground tank is filled at full level, pump will start running and fills overhead tank.
  • When overhead tank filled at full level the led indicating both level of overhead tank will show and your pump will stop running.
  • Whenever your overhead tank level falls down under overhead low sensor, motor will again start running and fill overhead tank if water present in underground tank.


  1. Used in home and industrial areas.
  2. Suitable for submersible/ open well pumps.
  3. Recommended for rural & urban cities.
  4. Used for water level management automatic at home / office.

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